Security Awareness Training

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Human error accounts for 90% of breaches

Antivirus software alone is not enough. The primary target is no longer the computer, it’s You and your employees.

Users must be educated to recognize a scam, or they will fall victim. Possibly putting your entire business at risk.

Evaluate each users’ risk areas

In order to strengthen security awareness, you need to know where your users’ knowledge gaps are. Easily craft a risk profile for each user that serves as a baseline for their unique training needs.

Educate their security blind spots

Launch personalized training journeys that address each users’ security blind spots through prioritized courses – selected from an extensive and engaging library of video and interactive content.

Calculate ongoing user progress

Eliminate admin pains, chase-ups and save time through intelligent automation. Enable automatic course enrolment, reminders, summary reports, phishing simulations and more.

Beacon Computers Remote Support