Beacon Computers Remote Support

Jimmy did a great job

and the installation and transfer of files to our new desktop was very successful. His performance reflects most favorably on Beacon Computers.

Peter H., February 2020
E. Northport, NY

My signal is strong

Just when I was about to give up I gave Beacon Computers a try. ​I was having trouble with the Wifi​ signal in my home and even after my service provider changed my router and put in an extender, it was still N/G, it would drop in a couple of rooms.  That’s when I called Beacon and spoke to Chris, so glad I did, he got rid of the extender and installed an Eero Home Wifi System for me.  What a difference, now my signal is strong throughout my entire home.  Thanks Chris!

Corey H., September 2017
Coram, NY

All data safely recovered

Where others failed Beacon Computers succeeded.  My daughter accidentally spilled Orange Juice all over her MacBook when it opened up in her backpack and I thought it was a goner.  I took it to Best Buy, who suggested a local store, and that’s when I found Beacon.  They performed a liquid damage treatment and “voila”, it was fixed with all data safely recovered.  Couldn’t be happier.

Debbie M., September 2017
Commack, NY

Patience and comfort

​I wasn’t sure who to take my PC too but was very glad that I found Beacon Computers because they took the time to listen to my concerns without making me feel like an idiot.  They demonstrated great patience and gave me a sense of comfort, best of all, my computer was fixed.  Will definitely be a repeat customer when the need arises.

Carol, August 2017
East Northport, NY

Two fixes in one

Fast and cost effective repair!  They fixed my cracked iPhone 5 screen same day and even found damage from a prior repair that ​explained why I was having trouble with my camera, so two fixes in one, great job!

Jeff A., July 2017
Mt. Sinai, NY

New laptop

Bought my mother-in-law a new laptop from Beacon Computers, best gift idea yet, as it didn’t come pre-loaded with all of that advertising garbage, they sell clean installs.  Very happy with my purchase.

Annie Z., May 2017
Commack, NY
Beacon Computers Remote Support